San Diego Business Journal

Eighteen minority law firms in the United States, including San Diego, have banded together to form a business alliance to better serve corporations and seek new businesses.

Part of the National Minority Law Group, each of the firms is owned by Hispanics, Asians, blacks or women, and now numbers 500 attorneys in 15 cities.

Wilson Petty Kosmo & Turner of San Diego, one of the founding members of the group, is billed as one of the largest women-owned law firms in the United States, with six of its eight partners women.

The alliance has been formed in response to a trend toward big corporations hiring law firms that can deliver services on a national basis, "creating a major problem for minority law firms that are typically regional or local in geographic focus," according to the group. "By joining together, NMLG members may now compete for work that was once reserved for national firms."

The group screens and approves all minority firms, giving major corporations access to them through one database, according to Regina Petty, a Wilson Petty partner.

In addition to Wilson Petty Kosmo & Turner, the other original NMLG law firms are Atkins & Evans, Los Angeles; Blackwell, Igbanugo, Minneapolis; Bordenave, Boykin & Ehret, New Orleans; Brown & Hutchinson, Rochester, N.Y.; Brown & Sheehan in Baltimore; Escamilla & Poneck, Houston; Fields Brown, Kansas City, Mo.; Fitzhugh, Parker & Alvaro, Boston; Greene and Letts, Chicago; Pugh, Jones, Johnson & Quandt P.C., Chicago; Gonzalez, Sanchez, Daniels & Hoffman LLP, Chicago; Saggio & Harlan, Milwaukee; Lafayette & Kumagai, San Francisco; Lewis Munday, Detroit; Roberts & Bishop, Indianapolis; and Wong, Fleming, Princeton, N.J.

, Pat Broderick