San Diego Business Journal

Power Analytics, a Rancho Bernardo-based software company, is participating in a program and technology exposition at the state’s capitol as part of Navy Week festivities.

Power Analytics offers several different products to help organizations design and analyze the performance of complex power systems. Customers often include large energy consumers such as oil and gas companies, universities and pharmaceutical companies that want to understand how to use their systems and optimize their energy costs.

Kevin Meagher, chief technology officer for Power Analytics, said the company can help determine if power generation and loads are adequate and analyze such things as the reasons behind brownouts as well as help determine the impact that a physical expansion could have on an existing power system.

During the expo in Sacramento, Power Analytics is sharing its research work conducted with UC San Diego for the Department of Energy. Part of that work involved the Sunshot Initiative, a project supported by the California Solar Initiative that aims to identify ways of augmenting the traditional generation of power with photovoltaic systems in the United States. Converting sunlight to energy varies by conditions such as location, and Power Analytics can help model that system based on different situations to maximize the use of photovoltaic power, Meagher said.

Meagher said Power Analytics also has proposals with the U.S. Navy to bring energy-saving technology to three naval bases in San Diego as part of an Environmental Security Technology Certification Program.

“The armed services are looking to do a better job of managing energy costs, not just in the U.S. but in forward deployment situations where the use of energy can correlate to lives,” he said. “It has a cost associated with it. The more you understand about optimizing the use of energy, the more impact you can have on budgets or the cost value that you want to put on a human life.”