San Diego Business Journal

According to its Instagram page, San Diego-based Modern Times Beer has opened a new location. The House of Perpetual Refreshment opened late December and will include 34 taps and coffee selections, according to the post.

“After a thrilling journey of construction and bureaucracy, it fills us with unimaginable joy to announce that the House of Perpetual Refreshment in Oakland is officially open, pouring beer, and distributing high-fives,” it reads. “34 taps of delicious beverages are flowing, a staggering wall-to-wall display of mind-bending art is in place, and our mini-mart is fully stocked with breathtaking merchandise and a vast selection of to-go beer and coffee. We’re crazy excited to party with all our Oaktown homies. You should totally come through.”

The Oakland opening marks the company’s seventh location.

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